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We teach you the wonderful world of Kite Surfing at all levels, from beginners to advanced courses, basing our courses based in safety and absorption of knowledge in order to enjoy 100% of this exciting sport.

We are in an unbeatable environment for this sport such as the coasts of Zahara de los Atunes and Tarifa, one of the best places in Europe to practice this sport due to its sea and wind conditions.

Zahara de los Atunes
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Basic Course 3 hours

2 Pupils - 1 Instructor

Perfect as a contact with Kitesurfing:

- Analysis of the right place for the practice (spot)

- Basic notions of meteorology and navigation directions.

- Introduction of the different types of kites.

- Assembly of the equipment, parts of the kite, bar and placement of the harness.

- We will know the security systems and their activation.

- Knowledge of the flight window.

- We will practice kite flight exercises on land

Complete Course 9 hours

2 Pupils - 1 Instructor

The best way to start having the first sensations of navigation. All the knowledge of previous courses (6 hours) and:

- Perfecting bodydrag achieving control and safety in the water

- Exercises of reflotation of the kite when it falls into the water.

- Once we get control between the kite and our body in the water we will go to the next point.

- Knowledge of the technique of climb and exit with the board, which is known as waterstart.

- Finally we will get the first gliders in the water and navigation techniques.

Private All Levels Course

1 Pupil - 1 Instructor

If you are demanding person and want to learn all the basic knowledge intensively we propose a private course. We adapt to your level and your schedules.

You can also improve you basic skills.

Basic Course 6 hours

2 Pupils - 1 Instructor

All the knowledge of the previous course (3 hours) and:

- Control of the kite on land with takeoff and landing exercises.

- Practice of the power area and knowledge of the different points of the flight window.

- Traction exercises on land.

- Practice of the power zones in the water by planning with our body, what is known as bodydrag (first contact with the kite in the water)

Improvement Course

1 Pupil - 1 Instructor

If after starting you need to reinforce more concepts or simply want to improve or learn some technique or maneuver. We work on the improvement of the different courses: tight, through, long the knowledge of previous courses.

- How to make an autorescate

- Changes of directions

- Initiation to the jump

- Improvement of technique

- Course of maneuvers